”Beautifully recorded and lovingly created, it’s exactly what an album should be.” - FOLK RADIO UK

”A superb collection of folk inspired hymnals with some dark undertones .” - CLASH MAGAZINE

"Tonight We All Swim Free has already been lauded by Radios 1 and 6 and it’s easy to see why. Portland Square was a recent favourite as its understated guitar work and gentle hook sit comfortably with mild percussion and occasional cymbals, and recent single Knots whilst more upbeat continues the sublime stream of complete and utter loveliness."- LOUDER THAN WAR

“Portland Square is a beautiful number…a dark, Dickensian ode that resonates with the sombre mood of an English winter spent in yearning. The pièce-de-résistance has to be the spine-tingling finalé, as huge harmonies rise from the depths of a sparse skin-and-bones track to reach out and envelop the listener in a sinister crescendo. Staggering.” - GLASSWERK

“…tonight’s gig feels like a glimpse into the soul of Callingham’s material and everybody in attendance leaves feeling lucky to have been part of such a special evening.” - SONGWRITING MAGAZINE (Review of pre-release warm-up show)

“English alt folk singer songwriter Martin Callingham melts me into a puddle with his stringy, pastoral ballad Knots.” - I HEART MOOSIQ